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New additives can accelerate degradation and biodegradation

decreasing the time it takes for polymer to break down by approximately 70% - 75%






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Extrusion Capabilities

Film extrusion capacity in excess of 5,000 tonnes per annum.

Sizes range from 40mm upwards. Film thickness from 10mμ to 300mμ.

Variety of film blends including LDPE, MDPE, LLDPE, HD/LD, Shrink & Metallocene.

Produced as lay-flat tubing, single wound sheet, double wound sheet, centrefold sheet, J-fold, or gussetted micro-perforations.

Clear or coloured films (tint or opaque).

Bi-colour capability to produce any combination 2-colour film (clear + 1 colour).



Extrusion capacity in excess of 5,000 tonnes per annum


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Extrusion Capabilities

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